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My Library

October 5, 2010

I basically have my own library.  That is how many books I personally own.  Yes, I am very proud and delighted at this fact.  I was going to post some pictures of this library here, but sadly I can’t find any pictures.  I could swear that I took some, but for the moment they are eluding my grasp.  If I find them, I’ll post them!

But for now, my current, very much scaled-down collection:

My collection!

And that’s not all.  Every shelf has double rows.

I know it’s hard to see, but yes, each shelf is in fact doubled up.

And all of these books came from three boxes.  THREE BOXES.  The library in my old apartment (which I had to vacate and move in with family) consisted of five bookcases, all of them full to capacity with books.  I could only bring along three boxes out of all those books.  When I was packing I asked myself how I could ever choose about 50 books out of my collection to keep out of storage and take with me.  It wasn’t easy, by any means, and I had originally been intending to only take two boxes!  I narrowed it down to three, and the pictures above are the result.

What does your library look like?

**Megan, this post was inspired by your comment, by the way!**

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