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Chaucer is AWESOME

November 8, 2010

Part of one of my assignments for my Chaucer class last week was to read “Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog”.  The posts are written in Middle English, but written as if Chaucer had some of the things we do today–like phones, XBox, etc.  It’s great!

I know this isn’t fantasy, exactly, but you could make the argument that the fact that they’re writing as if Chaucer were alive today is fantasy of a sort.  So there, that’s the link to this blog, mwahaha.

So why do I find this incredibly exciting and worthy of my blog posting time?  Because it’s Chaucer!  And Middle English!  And tons of humor!  Is this obvious or obvious only to me?

Anyway, the blog is full of great humor and pop culture references.  Example: one of the early posts was a riff on Brokeback Mountain, and Chaucer’s best line here is “I wolde I knewe how of thee I might be Quitten!”  Another really fun one to read is “Ich Pwne Noobs“.  Yes, Chaucher’s son has an Xbox and Chaucer learns how to play it.  It’s epic.

It’s also a link to one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written in the English language.  It’s brilliant in that it spreads interest not only in Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales but also the Middle English language, which is just fun once you get used to it.

How did it take me this long to find a blog like this that is completely up my alley and puts old literature into a modern framework with epic humor?  Wait, that was a long sentence…

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

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