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Review ‘Bloodhound’ by Tamora Pierce

December 7, 2010

Rebekah Cooper survived her year of training to be a Dog, one of the Provost’s Guard.  Now she has her own partners and her own beat.  But not everything turns out to be as wonderful as she hoped.  Beka’s partners don’t stick with her, and every time a partnership doesn’t work out Beka gets placed with her former teachers, Tunstall and Goodwin.  Frustration is not what Beka looked forward to in being a Dog.

Lucky for her, Tunstall and Goodwin love having Beka on their team, and together they uncover the threads of a counterfeiting scheme.  In the process, Beka gains a new team member, a scent hound named Achoo.  And Pounce, Beka’s black cat of supernatural origins, makes himself rather scarce, to Beka’s deep disappointment.

Then Beka makes a rookie mistake and almost gets her brains bashed out because of it.  While she heals, it’s decided that she will be put to work sniffing out the counterfeiters in Port Caynn.  Dismayed at leaving her city, Corus, Beka is still excited to be going with Goodwin to chase down some big-time Rats.  Beka, Achoo, and Goodwin make their way to Port Caynn, where intrigue and adventure await.

My Thoughts

Usually the second book in a series is not as good as the first or the last.  This is because the middle book(s) add in all the filler ideas and plot lines.  But this book does not fall into that trap, which is great!  I was as hooked on this book as I was hooked on the first.  I had trouble putting it down and was simply engrossed.  Pierce really does a fantastic job of not only continuing the story she set up in the first novel–that of Beka’s life and job in the Dogs–but also of building upon what she has created.

Again, the story is written in the first person, in the format of Beka writing in her journal and chronicling the events every night.  This gives the reader a close look at the character and what the character thinks.  Although unusual, the technique works.

Beka is still as lovable a heroin as she was in the first book.  She genuinely loves her job and does her best to do well.  Which makes her screw-ups all the more heart-wrenching.  But the fact that she does make mistakes is what is so endearing about her.  She still skirts the line between the right and wrong sides of the law, but somehow she manages to stay on the good side.

Goodwin also plays a major role in this story when she played slightly less of one in the first book.  We find out more of the details of her life and personality that we simply couldn’t get in the first book because of her role.  She is a great partner to Beka, and a very likable character.

I do wish Rosco, the Rogue of Corus, had played more of a role here, but I also understand why he wasn’t a major figure in this book.  I do think he will show up in a big way in book 3 though, and I have a theory about the potential for a Beka-Rosco relationship, but if I’m right, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

All in all, a very enjoyable read, and well worth the time to read it.  I will definitely be reading this book again!

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Book info: 55o pages, published 2010, ISBN 0375838171

Copy from personal library

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