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The Ideal Library

December 9, 2010

I watched Beauty and the Beast today.  The scene came up where Beast gives Belle the library, and I could only stare enraptured.  That library is drool-worthy, and I want it one day.

It also got me thinking–what is the most beautiful (real) library in the world?  And what is the ideal library?

I think the second question is probably easiest to answer.  The ideal library is changeable depending on the person.  My library will hold lots of fantasy books, plus some history and historical fiction, mythology books, all the school books I’ve kept, etc.  But someone else might have a library full of science books, or a library full of books about sports.  *shrug* To each her own.

As for what is the most beautiful library in the world…a Google search brings up some, but I’ve pulled up a few that I think are worthy of note.

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland.  This library is simply awesome.  It’s almost too much for the brain to comprehend.

Trinity College Library


Library of Parliament, Ottawa, Canada.  The space in this library is breathtaking.

Library of Parliament


Biblioteca Geral, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.  This is one just so elegant, even if it’s not as big or grand as some of the others.

Biblioteca Geral


Abbey Library, St. Galen, Switzerland.  I love the color in this one, it’s warming and welcoming.

Abbey Library


And one of my favorites, because it’s in my home state: George Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD

George Peabody Library

If I can’t have the library from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, then I want this one: Library of the Benedictine Monastary of Admont, Austria. It is simply exquisite.

Library of the Benedictine Monastary


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