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Daydreams Are Good For Something

January 21, 2011

I’ve found that I tend to get a lot of my ideas for my writing from dreams, even little daydreams.  I think that’s partly why I like to write fantasy–I’m already thinking about the improbable and impossible, so it’s a short step to writing about it.

Daydreaming can be really useful for that end.  I mean, not while you’re driving, that’s usually NOT the best time to be daydreaming.  But sometime when you’re not operating machinery, daydreaming can be profitable when you write fiction.  If it’s appealing to your own mind and you find the daydream interesting enough to turn it into a story, chances are pretty good that someone else will find it interesting too.  It sort of gets back to if the author finds their story boring, the reader will too.  Authors must be invested in what they write, or the story will fall flat on its face and be incredibly dull.

After watching “Enchanted” (I’m a recent convert–at first I thought it wouldn’t be any good, but I finally watched it and liked it), I have found myself daydreaming about dancing at balls and princesses and princes all day.  No story ideas have come of these daydreams yet, though my notebook and pen are always close at hand.

Aside from the prime fantasy material found in dreams and daydreams, I just like to dream.  I enjoy thinking up scenarios and dreaming of improbable things.  Dreams are a nice break from the daily humbug reality I find myself in lately, haha!

I hope your dreams and daydreams are as wonderful and fruitful as mine.

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