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Question of the Week: Cover Art

January 31, 2011

While reading through a series last week in which the cover art doesn’t match the books at all, I started thinking.  I mostly picked these books up based off the cover art and the summary on the back.  But after reading it, I realized the cover art was stupid and corny, and didn’t represent the book very well.  I know that we should never really judge a book by its cover, but it seems that everyone does it this way, and the publishers want the kind of cover art that will make you want to buy the book.  So this week’s question is this:

Do you base a book’s appeal by its cover art?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

Question of the Week is posted every Monday. Please remember, flaming of other peoples’ comments and opinions will not be tolerated.

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  1. January 31, 2011 10:19 PM

    I do pick up books based on the cover, since most of the time it does somewhat match the inside. At least, in my experience, the coloring. Although, I have noticed a trend to more twilight type covers that tell you nothing. Like the Pern novels by Anne McCaffrey, the covers used to be beautiful and works of art in themselves. Now they have become strange stylized dragons and tell you nothing about the book. It is very upsetting.

    • Kira permalink*
      February 1, 2011 12:36 PM

      I hate the covers that look good but tell you nothing about what the story is actually about. Unless a potential buyer sits down in the store and starts reading the book (I’ve seen people do that, but not very many), the only things we have to go on are the summary on the back and the cover. It seems to me that publishers have more of a responsibility to choose better cover art that actually expresses accurately a theme, a character, an event, etc. from the story instead of choosing these trendy covers that look cool but do nothing.

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