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March 17, 2013

Hi all!  I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve updated the Book List for 2013 reviews so far.  I’ve run into an interesting problem: I’m reading faster than I can review!  So I have a bit of a backlog in reviews.  I might post 2 reviews in a week to catch up . . . or I might keep them to 1 review a week and get ahead of the game on posts.  I haven’t decided yet.  Point is, the list has been updated, and here are the books I’ll be reviewing in the next few weeks!

  • Beauty and the Werewolf, by Mercedes Lackey
  • A Soul for Trouble, by Crista McHugh
  • A Soul for Chaos, by Crista McHugh
  • Coronets and Steel, by Sherwood Smith
  • Star of the Morning, by Lynn Kurland
  • The Mage’s Daughter, by Kynn Kurland
  • Intrigues, by Mercedes Lackey
  • Changes, by Mercedes Lackey

I know I’ve been reviewing a lot of Mercedes Lackey lately.  After the books above are reviewed, there’s only one more of her new books waiting for me to read, but I’m waiting for it to come out in mass market paperback.  So after the three above, we’ll get some new authors in there for you!

Any books you’re looking forward to hearing about?  Any books you recommend I should read next?

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