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Question of the Week: New Book or Sequel?

March 18, 2013

There are two kinds of books: a new book or a sequel.  Well, I guess there’s actually three, if you add in stand-alone novels.  But we’ll lump those into “new books” since they aren’t sequels.  I enjoy both kinds.  New books bring a sense of anticipation and are bright and shiny because they’re new.  By “new”, I don’t mean newly published, I mean new to me.  “New” as in a book I haven’t read before and is not part of a series I’ve read.  These new books are unknowns.  Are they any good?  Is this author any good?  Will I like the story, the writing, or the plot?  I don’t know!  It’s a mystery.

But sequels, you’re already familiar with the author and the writing style.  You know the characters, or some of them, at least.  Sequels feel more like returning to the cozy, warm chair in front of the fire.  They’re comfortable and feel like home.  Returning to a universe you’ve already visited and finding something new and exciting is fascinating.  I love getting sequels, and am almost always disappointed when I find out a book is a stand-alone.

This week’s question:

Which do you like better, new books or sequel books?

Answer in the comments section!

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