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Booking Through Thursday 3/28/2013

March 28, 2013

btt button Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme that focuses (mostly) on books and reading.

Movies have a rating system to help guide the consumer weed out adult/violent/inappropriate kinds of films. Video games do, too. Do you think BOOKS should have a ratings system?

Nah.  I think usually you can have a pretty good idea of how graphic or age-appropriate something will be based on a few things: 1) The genre; 2) Whether it’s in the YA or regular sections; 3) The book descriptions; 4) The author (if it’s one you know and know how much detail they go into for violent or sexual scenes); and 5) Skimming through the book if you’re really concerned.  I’ve only been surprised by a book’s content once or twice, and it’s when it was an author I’ve never read before in the adult section.  I’ve yet to be surprised by a YA book’s level of violence or other content.  I think the best indicators of what to expect from a book are the genre and the age level.  If it’s in the adult fantasy/sci-fi section, I can pretty much assume that anything goes–some writers include more sex and less violence, others include more violence than romance or sex, and others have tons of both.  Language is also up in the air, but in the books I’ve read, profanities have been fairly minimal, so language isn’t usually something I’ve ever had to be concerned about.  If it’s in the YA fantasy section, I can assume that the graphic scenes are toned down to an age-appropriate level where much more is hinted at without being explicit.  If it’s in the romance section, I can assume that there will be sex in the story at some point.

I think it really just gets down to knowing the genre you tend to read.  The more you read that genre, the more you learn about what is acceptable and what isn’t–and whether or not you can handle that genre’s typical level of detail.

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