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Updates of New Things!

July 6, 2014

Hi everyone! This is just an update post letting you all know about new things I’d like to start with the blog. I’ll still be doing the reviews of course, and with any luck I’ll be able to do them once a week as planned. But more ideas!

  • IDEA 1: Cover of the Month. My favorite book cover for that month! It doesn’t have to be from a book I’ve reviewed or listed on the blog previously. It could be one I see while surfing.
  • IDEA 2: Covers By Color. A post with different awesome book covers grouped by color.
  • IDEA 3: New Book Releases. A roundup post of new releases based on Amazon’s lists, both for established authors and (hopefully) indie/self-pub authors.
  • IDEA 4: Indie and Self-Pub Author Month. I’m going to start this in August and will run from August 1 through August 31. I would feature an indie author once a week or, if I get enough interest, once a day for the whole month. If there’s a lot of interest, I’ll either extend into September or gather all interested parties’ submissions for the next Author Month I hold. Readers are encouraged to submit suggestions for who should be featured, and indie/self-pub authors are also encouraged to put their name in the pot. I’ll then post a little about the author and a roundup of their books with some descriptions and links on where to find their work. Note that these would not be book review posts, they would be informational.

Questions? Suggestions? Comment on this post below or send me an email!

Happy reading!

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