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Featured Author: J. Allen Wilder

August 3, 2014


J. Allen Wilder is a native of southern California and has lived in many places from the deserts of Arizona to the Hudson valley of New York. He currently resides somewhere in the hazy Appalachian Mountains where he is allergic to everything. He is married, has a teenager with teenicles, a guinea pig with attitude, a Jack Russell Terrier with too much energy, and, sadly, a cat with delusions of godhood who squatted in his carport and never left. He also has graduate degrees in Russian history and theology. The Girl From the El Dorado Star System is his first published novel. You can find his sci-fi stories at and at



cover artThe Girl From the El Dorado Star System, Book One: The Man Who Had to Die

Tom Aster doesn’t know what he’s getting into. He saw himself as a born loser. Then he just bumped into the most incredible girl. She proposed. He accepted. They plan to elope to the El Dorado star system and get married. But he doesn’t know she’s an agent for a covert government agency of the most powerful star nation in the galaxy. He doesn’t know she’s a little more than human. And he doesn’t know she’s stalking the most dangerous prey in the galaxy, a madman with superhuman abilities and no conscience who could easily kill him.

At times politically incorrect, satirical, quirky, sexy, dramatic, romantic, and humorous, The Girl From the El Dorado Star System is a science-fiction/future punk story about ordinary people (and some not-so-ordinary people) who are drawn together by events, chance, and circumstance, or perhaps by the Will of God, into a fateful rendezvous in the distant future. In the process unlikely relationships form, comic situations unfold with serious consequences, and lost souls find a path leading to redemption and new life.

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Why did you choose to self-publish?

I had heard and read about horror stories from others who had tried to get their work published by going though agents and established publishers. The whole process seemed very complicated, very time consuming, and not very productive. It seemed as though one had to be a known and established writer before one could get published to begin with. So, although I had been working on several projects for years (I should say decades! – historical fiction, science fiction, and epic fantasy) I began to think that I didn’t stand much chance of getting anything published. When I started to learn about alternative ways to publish a couple of years ago I started thinking about finishing projects that I had started long ago, and even starting new ones.

Which authors or books influenced your writing the most?

Good question. If it’s science fiction we’re talking about, then I’d have to say David Weber, Jack McDevitt, Kevin J. Anderson, A. Bertram Chandler, and a couple of the classics: Asimov and Heinlein. That doesn’t mean I write like them, but I admire certain aspects of each one’s writing style, and would like to write like they do/did.

What are your current projects / What are you working on next?

Currently, I’m working on finishing The Girl From the El Dorado Star System. Book 2 is nearing completion. I’ve started Book 3. Book 4 is mostly still in my head. Next will be a prequel to Girl From El Dorado, called The Voyage of the Nimbus Star, which is a story of exploration and discovery, transformation and evolution, tragedy and revenge. I also have in mind a couple of other projects set in the same universe, and a historical novel I want to work on that I started about seven years ago and never finished.


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