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Featured Author: Linda Hamanou

August 9, 2014

newauthorpicsABOUT LINDA

Born in November 1983 in Brittany, France, Linda Hamonou spent most of her childhood reading adventure and fantasy books, while exploring the folklore of Brittany. After graduating high school, she entered university to study physics. She finished her master degree in France before moving to Northern Ireland where she obtained her PhD in 2009. Saving money during her studies and going to international workshops and conferences allowed her to travel in Europe and North America. Her sense of adventure carried her to the top of Machu Picchu and then to Japan where she started with a postdoc position in Tokyo and is currently pursuing research in Sendai. Being based in Japan allowed her to discover Asia, many trips in Japan, and to visit Taiwan and Korea. (The tale of her ongoing adventure can be found on her daily blog: At the end of her PhD in 2009, she discovered NaNoWriMo and being determined to succeed at winning the contest, she wrote the first draft of her first novel Demon Soul. It took 6 months of hard work to complete the novel to an acceptable level for self publication, including a lot of rewriting, character development, illustration…

During that time she also managed to get the draft for her second novel Attic Mirror, participating and winning another writing contest. It took even longer for this highly perfectionist writer to prepare her second novel for self publication. And it took her more than two years to be satisfied with her third Demon and Fairy. Her fourth novel, a detective story called Harajuku Kiss, has been published in June 2014.



Demon Soul coverDemon Soul

She had seen his soul, a purple light, dancing, vacillating in his gray eyes and she had fallen in love with him. They would have gone anywhere for each other, there seemed to be no end to their happiness. But now it was gone, his body had become an empty moving shell and he was forgetting about her, about himself, about everything….

Desperate, crying for help, Brownie can only let him walk away under the rain which can’t hide her tears. But there is more to her than that. She is determined to bring him back and she would go to hell for it. Diving in the darkness of demonic Magick, she will only follow the path she knows to help him get better. She will steal his soul back from the demons…

But there are things she was not prepared to answer to… How do you raise a baby demon? Especially when this one seems to be growing unbelievably fast.
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Demon and FairyDemon and Fairy

Seti likes to fly to the beach and to look into that magical tidal pool, to see her. She is the only one, removing his pain and almost making him forget the Chaos inhabiting him and escaping the Demon World where he comes from and where he can’t have physical contact with anyone.

But one day, just looking isn’t enough anymore…

From one world to the next, Seti fights again the darkness inside and the darkness outside. Darkness can take unexpected forms.
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Attic Mirror coverAttic Mirror

This house is definitely always too noisy to concentrate. Yobi, the 400-years old, nine-tailed fox who still behaves like a five-years-old boy steals a bottle of red paint, just to throw it at Danny, who surprised, made it explode throwing paint everywhere. Hitomi has no other choice but to stop working on her last novel and go wash herself before coming back to help the older kids with the cleaning…

But maybe not this time…

As she starts to go down the stairs, she realizes that she really needs time for herself. Taking her chance in the confusion she runs to the attic looking for a peaceful place. But she had never imagined that what she is to find there will change her life forever, as she looks through the old mirror…
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Why did you choose to self-publish?

When I wrote my first novel, I only wanted to finish a story. I wrote many partial stories (20k words in average) but I guess I didn’t know how to finish one. By asking for 50000 words, NaNoWriMo taught me how to go through the middle part of the first draft, which is where a lot of writers give up, when you have put enough effort to go through 50k words, you need to be crazy to give that up, so I had to finish that story. At the time, I had no idea about publishing, I was just enjoying myself, writing with friends, reading each other’s stories.

By winning NaNoWriMo, I had the opportunity through CreateSpace to have my book printed. When they said I could have the book on Amazon, I jumped on the occasion. It was more a way for me to take the opportunity than a conscious choice between self-publishing and traditional publishing. I hate missing opportunities.

Then looking at it closer for my next book, I decided to stick to self-publishing. I enjoy the freedom it gives me. I enjoy that I can illustrate my books the way I please and keep “too many” characters who don’t fit but that my readers enjoy.

Through my life, I’m a self taught person who likes to do it all. This is also reflected in my writing. In the end, it is a lifestyle that suits me.

Which authors or books influenced your writing the most?

I love Agatha Christie for the way she leaves clues in her books all the way through the story. I like Frank Herbert and Bernard Simonay for the powerful philosophy reflected in their work through the age of wide historical time. I love classics very much, Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, Stendhal, Emile Zola… And I love Christian Signol for the magnificent description of nature and feelings, he is also one of the reasons why I started playing violin.

What are your current projects / What are you working on next?

I’m working on editing a science fiction novel called Rainbow Catcher. I offer snippets every Thursday on my blog and for the moment the readers seem to appreciate the story.

I’m also working on another science fiction project without a title about a girl who can travel to parallel universes in her mind.

I still have to finish the demon series with two drafts ready to be edited and one or two more books to write but that might wait until November.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

I have pieces of my work on my blog three times a week (Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays) and I’m happy to give free ebooks in exchange for honest reviews.

To be sure not to miss anything you can follow me on Twitter @crazypuce or on my Facebook pages:


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    Thank you for the interview. 🙂

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