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Featured Author: Thaddeus White

August 25, 2014


I’ve always loved reading and writing, particularly fantasy, science fiction and history. I’m also quite into F1 and politics.

I couldn’t pinpoint any one book that first got me into fantasy, but one of the first series I read was the Chronicles of Narnia (it probably helped that there was a TV series of it on when I was a kid). A surprising influence on me was some Sonic the Hedgehog books which I absolutely loved. As well as liking them, they introduced me to the concepts of time paradoxes, the fourth and fifth dimensions, and transmogrification (no, really).

In recent years I’ve been mostly enjoying dark and grim fantasy, stuff like The First Law Trilogy, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lies of Locke Lamora and so on.



coverBane of Souls

The trade festival of Mascezad is normally a time of plenty for Horst and his trader uncle, but when they visit Highford Horst finds himself conscripted by the city’s mages. Unable to return to his own people and abandoned by his uncle, his fortunes go from bad to worse when he discovers that the city is being terrorised by a spate of murders, and the killer has a particular taste for dead mages…

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coverJourney to Altmortis

Thaddeus Falchester, accompanied by his sister and assorted ne’er-do-wells, crosses the sea to the Kuhrland with a promise of plunder in the dead city of Altmortis. But it is a prize of another kind that has tempted him to brave the savage Kuhrland, for rumour has it that his former friends the Brothers Whitworth are already in the ruins, and he has a score to settle.

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Sir Edric’s Temple

When Sir Edric Greenlock, the Hero of Hornska, is summoned to attend the King in the dead of night he fears imminent execution. Committing adultery is frowned upon in King Lawrence’s domains, especially when it’s with Lawrence’s wife. The King, however, has something else in mind. Priceless royal treasures have been stolen, and the King dispatches Sir Edric to retrieve them in a mission that could optimistically be described as suicidal.

Accompanied by his pathologically loyal manservant Dog, the prudish elf Lysandra, and a man called Colin, he must travel to the Unholy Temple to retrieve the royal treasures from a mysterious thief.

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Why did you choose to self-publish?

I chose to go down the self-publishing route for Bane of Souls (my first book) and later works simply because of the time involved in trying to get an agent for an earlier (non-published) story. Bane of Souls was initially started as an exercise whilst that hunt went on, to keep my pen sharp, but I enjoyed it so much I went on to finish and release it. Self-publishing also has the advantage of a greater rate of return (for e-books). There is more work involved than going down the traditional route but you also get a greater degree of control. Agents and publishers can be understandably risk averse, and self-publishing can enable you to write what you actually want to, instead of trying to fit into whatever subgenre happens to be in vogue.

Which authors or books influenced your writing the most?

It’s odd to think of influence because the writers that got me back into fantasy (which I loved in childhood and then drifted away from) are Abercrombie and Martin, but my own writing style’s very different. Generally I go for a lighter touch, with some moments of humour (and a few of darkness, but not nearly so many as those two esteemed writers). The very first fantasy that got me interested (and a certain moment from the BBC mini-series remains seared into my mind despite it happening decades ago) was CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.

What are your current projects / What are you working on next?

As well as working on short stories I’m redrafting two larger works. Sir Edric’s Treasure is the second in the Adventures of Sir Edric series, and follows the eponymous bounder as he tries to get rid of a huge bounty on his head. Kingdom Asunder occurs in the Bane of Souls/Journey to Altmortis world, and is the first part of a trilogy. It’s much more complicated, as you’d expect, so it’ll take longer to finish and I expect it to be the largest book I’ve written by some margin. After those two are finished I’ll be cracking on with the trilogy, and have future plans for more stand-alone works in the Bane of Souls world, as well as more escapades for Sir Edric.

Anything else you would like to mention?

Last (but not least), my short story “Saxon & Khan” has been included in the ghost story anthology Malevolence: Tales From Beyond The Veil, from a new small press called Tickety Boo. It should be out later this year and can be exclusively pre-ordered (with a discount) here:
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