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Featured Author: Racquel Kechagias

August 26, 2014


Racquel Kechagias was born in 1991, although perhaps born into the wrong family. Where she was intelligent and bright – even at a young age – her three brothers and three sisters were like primitive wolves. She was full of wonder and curiosity and at the age eleven, she didn’t receive her Hogwarts letter of acceptance instead she was taken to a school for muggles to learn how to live in the muggle world despite the fact that she longed to be in a world filled with magic!

During her time in her muggle school she excelled at all activities that were presented to her. She developed few friendships but these were all precious in their own way. Despite her friends and colleagues lack of wonder, Racquel never lost her love for the Dark and Magical and she found herself getting lost in book after book, fitting perfectly into the worlds created through paper and ink. It wasn’t until her last year of schooling that Racquel began to develop her own longing to put pen to paper.

Racquel was destined to belong to the magical world from the very beginning of her life. After many years of struggling to fit in with the people around her, Racquel gave in to her daily struggle. She gave up the fight to ‘fit in’ and decided that she would rather stand out. Racquel was now equipped with everything she needed, pen and paper (and lots of it) plus a determination to be more. At the age of 19 she sat down at her desk, that she hadn’t used since her schooling days, pulled out her pen and the first piece of paper. It was as if everything in her life brought her to that moment of putting her pen to paper. The first words were written and they have simply been coming ever since.



Last Ashes (The Fire of the Soul, Book 2)

Chaos has descended on the Underworld, as promised. Anna is un-resigned to her fate as Christian’s ideal wife. She refuses to be weak and submissive but she knows the power he holds over her; if she denies him, everyone she loves will die. However, when dismembered corpses start appearing on the castle grounds, Anna finds her courage to fight against the evil in the world, starting with the Overlord.

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Why did you choose to self-publish?

I decided to publish non-traditionally for two reasons. The first was that I didn’t feel ready to be a traditional author. The second was that I was test running my own work, seeing how it would come across to readers and to see if they liked the story and my style of writing. Now that I’ve almost finished this series (I’m currently working on ‘The Eternal Flame’ the final book in the series) I feel like I’ll be ready when I’ve finished the first book in a new series that I’m working on.

Which authors or books influenced your writing the most?

There isn’t one author in particular that has influenced my writing. If I had to name five it would most likely be, Stephen King, Richelle Mead, Cassandra Claire, Maria V. Snyder and Rachel Caine. I name these five in particular because every time I read one of their books I’m inspired by their style and stories and I can only hope to present a story at least decently if not as well as they can.

What are your current projects / What are you working on next?

My current project is ‘The Eternal Flame’ which is the next book after ‘Last Ashes’. It picks up a few days after the end of the last book. I hope to have it out by the end of this year, maybe even in time for the holiday season. I will also be releasing a novella at this time as well for the series called ‘Blood Magic’ which focuses on one of the Characters from the series in the last days of their human life and it’s set before the events of the series. I’m also plotting and planning a new series which I hope to get picked up by an agent and have it traditionally published. It’s a series I’m really excited about and the easiest way that I can describe it to you is that It’ll be a very edgy and dark dystopian, with a sexy anti-hero guy which the MC Rose can’t help but be weary and attracted to.

Anything else you would like to mention?

Thanks to all the readers of Fantastical Reads for checking out my post!

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