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Featured Author: Duane L. Martin

August 29, 2014


Duane L. Martin began his writing career when he started a classic film review website back in 2002 called B-Movie Central.  Two years later, he would go on to create another website called Rogue Cinema, which is a monthly online magazine staffed by a wonderful team of volunteer writers that’s devoted to film reviews, articles and interviews with film makers and other industry professionals.

An avid reader, he’s been inspired by a wide variety of authors, including Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  More recently, he’s buried himself in the various series of writers like Jennifer L. Armentrout, H.P. Mallory and Amanda Hocking.

His aunt, a published author as well, once gave him a book on creative writing that changed his life forever.  It was a collection of pieces by various authors, but one piece in particular has always stuck with him.  It talked about how to create characters that feel like real people by giving them real backgrounds, likes, dislikes and personalities.  It inspired him to create characters that feel genuine and real, like people you may know, or people you’d like to know, and helped him take his writing to the next level.

Aside from his writing, Duane is also a musician.  He took his first bass guitar lesson in 1987 and has been playing bass ever since.  He also plays some guitar and a little keyboard.  As he’s always been a great lover of music, he often has it playing quietly in the background while he writes.

Born and raised in Northern California, he would later move to Idaho, where he currently lives with his wife Sharon and their dog Buddy.



coverOrigins (Unseen Things series, Book 1)

When Jarrod Grant was fourteen years old, a portal burst open in his room, and from it a terrifying creature emerged. It grabbed his mother Alicia and his five year old brother Joseph and then vanished with them back into the portal from which it came, leaving Jarrod standing there terrified and alone.

Four years later, Jarrod is now a senior in high school, and no one ever believed his story. The therapists all said that he’d deluded himself into believing it because he couldn’t deal with whatever horrific events had caused the disappearance of his family, and at school he was turned into an outcast because of the stories he’d told the authorities.

That all changed when he met Tina and Sarah. They were the first ones who ever believed his story, and the pair made it their mission to help him find the answers he so desperately needed.

They’re joined along the way by a new friend named Derek, who has a tragic past of his own, and a woman named Patricia who knows things that only a very few others in the world could even dream of. Together they’ll discover the truth of what happened to Jarrod’s family on that fateful night, and it’s a secret that will send them down a path that some of them may not return from.

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cover 2The Hunt (Unseen Things series, Book 2)

ow that they had the ability to travel the dimensions, they also had the opportunity to rescue Jarrod Grant’s family from the troll-like Faranox and the Agaronin slave  masters, but that wasn’t going to be an easy task.

Not only did they have no experience with fighting the Agaronin, but they had never  traveled outside of their own dimension before, and as such, Derek, Jarrod, Tina and  Sarah find themselves flying blind, and everything becomes a learning experience.   Mistakes are made and lessons are learned as they have to kill as many of the Agaronin as they can in order to secure more of of the amulets that allow them to travel to the  various dimensions.

When they get confirmation from a rescued slave that Jarrod’s family are in fact alive,  a plan is set into motion to mount a full scale assault on the Faranox village where  they’re being held, not only to rescue them, but to rescue as many of the other slaves  as possible, so they can be returned to their own families and dimensions.

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cover 3Exploration (Unseen Things series, Book 3)

After a successful raid on a Faranox village in which they rescued Jarrod’s family, as well as a large number of slaves from several other dimensions, Jarrod, Derek, Tina, Sarah and Patricia returned home for a well deserved rest.  Unfortunately, in their line of work, rest is never a permanent state of being, and soon enough they find themselves in the blue fin dimension forging a bond of friendship with its inhabitants, who at first glance seemed like a simple, friendly people living in a tribal society, but appearances can be deceiving and soon enough they learn that there’s a lot more to their new friends than meets the eye.

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Why did you choose to self-publish?

Because when I finished the first book in the series, I wanted to get it out there for people to read and enjoy.  If you go the traditional route there’s a specific sequence of events that needs to happen, and it all takes an incredibly long time.  I published the first book in the series on November 23, 2013, and the eleventh book on July 29, 2014, which means I’ve been able to get them out there just as fast as I could design a cover and then write and edit them.  If there’s a mistake that squeaks through during the editing process, I can fix it and upload a new file, whereas with traditional publishing if a mistake squeaks through, you’re basically stuck with it.  That’s not even mentioning the difference in the monetary commissions you get from the sale of your work, which is far greater when a traditional publisher and an agent aren’t taking their share.

Which authors or books influenced your writing the most?

I always read a lot growing up and throughout my life, so I was exposed to a lot of different authors and writing styles.  I guess my influences are largely an amalgam of all of them in one way or another.  I think if I had to narrow it down to one specific one, I’d have to say Robert Asprin, author of the Myth Series, which I’ve read through more times than I can even remember.  There was something about the relationships between his characters, his humor and the logical way he plotted everything out that always really appealed to me.  He would come up with ways for his characters to deal with various situations that I would have never thought of.  In my Unseen Things series, the characters are often facing situations where they need to develop a plan, and I think that the influences I got from the Myth Series helped me tremendously in that area.  Sadly, Robert Asprin passed away several years ago, but the series was taken over and continued by Jody Lynn Nye, who co-wrote several of the books with him.

What are your current projects / What are you working on next?

My current project is Unseen Things book 12, which is called Emissary.  I’m currently just over a quarter of the way through writing it.  I have an idea for book 13 as well, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do that yet or not.  It’s the type of a story that I could do at any point in the series, so I’ll have to see how book 12 ends before I make the decision.

Anything else you would like to mention?

I think there’s been some confusion as to what the series actually is, so I’d like to clarify that if I may.  I realize that the first book (Origins) may come off as a bit young adult in nature because it starts off with the main characters on the first day of their senior year in high school.  I did that because it was necessary for them to meet, and having them meet at school worked out perfectly for that.  However, this is not a young adult series.  It’s a new adult series and geared toward people of college age and up.  By the eleventh book the main four characters are all around twenty-four years old, so there is a time progression that happens throughout the series.

Also, it’s not a series of stand alone books, nor do I spend half of each book explaining what happened in the previous books.  It’s a series in the true sense of the word and the books must be read in order, otherwise you won’t understand the references to things that have already happened, nor will you know the history of what they’ve been through.

The series started out as a contemporary fantasy series, but as it progressed and they encountered more advanced races in other dimensions, it turned into a hybrid series, combining both elements of contemporary fantasy and science-fiction.  That began a bit in book five, but the sci-fi elements come more into play from book eight onward.

The books are available through various online retailers as well as through the official site.  I’ve provided links to the sites where you can purchase the books here:

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