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Featured Author: Kira R. Tregoning

September 2, 2014


Yes, I know this is my own book review blog. I placed myself last in the Featured Author queue for a bit of shameless self promo–and last in order to make sure everyone else got featured first!

My name is Kira Tregoning. I’m a language enthusiast, writer, and book lover. I’m also a big UMD Terps fan.

I read A LOT, and the number of books I have in my living space is a running joke among my family and friends. Mostly I read fantasy, but I enjoy other genres as well, including historical fiction, science fiction, and the classics. I write mostly fantasy books right now, though I have some ideas for expanding into other genres later on.



Rise of the Aligerai (The Aligerai series, Book 1)

Sita Newbury is more interested in surviving college and making friends than playing with magic.  Her gifts had only ever caused problems, and the wings she had been born with would have sentenced her to a life of scientific study if anyone found out.  But her new college friends reveal secrets of their own, and soon Sita and her friends find themselves in a magical world called Corá . . . and facing enemies more interested in seeing them dead than alive.  Sita must find a way to handle magical tests, magic lessons, revelations about her family, and stop inter-world occultists called Imbri Mors from taking over both Earth and Corá–all while keeping her grades up and herself and her friends hidden.

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A Shadowed Soul (The Aligerai series, Book 2)

Imbri Mors is in pieces.  Rumors of Darci’s whereabouts and speculation over what she might do next haunt Sita and her friends.  And Owen Madison, Sita’s boyfriend, has disappeared without a trace.  On top of everything else, Queen Catherine takes an interest in the Aligerai, Ka’len increases Sita’s training, and something very strange is happening with Roxie . . . and Alexander Knight makes it clear he would like to cultivate the Aligerai for his own ends.  Can Sita hold her friends and family together, or will they splinter under the pressure?

Find it on Amazon!


Why did you choose to self-publish?

I tried to do it the traditional way and went nowhere. So I looked into self-publishing in 2011 and kicked the idea around for almost a year while I did my research into possible distributors and marketing and all that fun stuff. Then I just did it. From everything I read, self-publishing was the way to go. I stood a chance to earn more than I would if I went the traditional route. I still had to do all the leg work, but from my research, traditional authors were having to do that anyway. I figured, why not get paid more for the same amount of work? I’m really glad I made the decision I did. It allowed me to choose my own fabulous cover artist, for example. (Her work is on the second book, not the first! The first book is my own crappy attempt at a cover.)  Self-pubbing allowed me to tell the story I wanted to tell, and since my series is a bit in-between in terms of genre, themes, and character ages, I have doubts now that any traditional publisher would have picked it up.

Which authors or books influenced your writing the most?

Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey, for sure. Then I’d say

What are your current projects / What are you working on next?

I’m about halfway through the first draft of Book 3 of The Aligerai series, which is tentatively titled Into the Light. I’m also working on two other ideas, but I don’t want to spill the beans on those just yet!  I will say they are both fantasy, they’re both novels, and they could potentially turn into series, but I don’t want to make any promises on that front just yet. Let’s get the first books written first!

I’m also getting started on Wattpad, as I would really like to write a serialized story released chapter by chapter. I have an idea I think will work, but I haven’t sat down to work on it just yet. Stay tuned!

Anything else you would like to mention?

I love to hear from readers!  Please, if you like the books, don’t hesitate to contact me and tell me!  Send emails, tweet at me, write reviews, anything at all. I want to hear from you, and I think most authors would say the same. It brightens our days to receive messages of support from our readers.

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