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Photo of authorMy name is Kira.  I’m a big fan of books, reading, and writing, and have been since I was a kid.  I read A LOT, and the number of books I have in my living space is a running joke among my family and friends.  Mostly I read fantasy, but I enjoy other genres as well, including historical fiction, science fiction, classic fiction, and of course the great novels.

In my “free” time (yeah right!), I write my own novels.  I’m working on my third one right now, and I published my first fantasy novel, Rise of the Aligerai, in December 2012.  I’m very excited!  You can check out my other website, The World of Cora, which talks about my writing and gives more info on the books.  I also spend time with my friends and with my cat, Mama-Sita, who insists on making her presence known and “helping” me with my online writing pursuits.

I’ll update this site about 2-3 times a week (that’s the goal anyway) and as one of those updates I’ll post a book review once a week.  Maybe twice a week, if I’m on a role, but since I’m busy with a full-time job, only count on a review once a week.

Unless otherwise stated or linked to the original owner, all book reviews, posts, and other content are the sole property of Kira Tregoning, Copyright 2010-2013.

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