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Books List

This is where I list all the books I’ve reviewed, broken up by year.  When I get a review copy of a book, I will differentiate it from the books I’ve bought/borrowed by putting an asterisk (*) next to it.


  • Once Upon a Winter’s Night, by Dennis L. McKiernan (review upcoming)
  • Once Upon a Summer Day, by Dennis L. McKiernan (review upcoming)
  • Blood Spirits, by Sherwood Smith (review upcoming)
  • Star of the Morning, by Lynn Kurland (review upcoming)
  • The Mage’s Daughter, by Lynn Kurland (review upcoming)
  • Intrigues, by Mercedes Lackey (review upcoming)
  • Changes, by Mercedes Lackey (review upcoming)
  • The Briar King, by Greg Keyes (review upcoming)





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