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Editing and Beta Reading

There are a lot of indie and self-published authors out there who work so hard on their books and then bring them to the publishing stage only to find that their beloved novel is full of errors.  Usually, and unfortunately, these errors are pointed out by readers after the novel has already been published.

I work as an editor, though I don’t edit books in my job.  I edit language-learning materials, such as assessments and lessons, and edit storyboards.  I am quite good at editing materials of any kind, since this is what I do on a daily basis.

Editing Services

I offer my services as a freelance editor to indie and self-pub authors and will consider any genre.  I offer two types of editing:

  • proofreading of a finished manuscript, and
  • more in-depth copyediting of a complete manuscript.

I will not look at drafts, nor will I edit a printed book.  However, if an author would like me to proofread a PDF copy of an already in-print book, I’m willing to do this.

Proofreading is good for those who have already gone through multiple drafts of the complete manuscript and want a last  look before sending to a publisher or self-publishing.  Proofreading does not address content issues, but addresses “surface” issues such as punctuation, typos, grammar, formatting mistakes, etc.  Most of the time when someone comes to me for help in editing a manuscript or paper, this is really what they’re asking for.

Copyediting would be a good option for those who need someone to look at content, continuity, sentence structure, grammar, and also proofreading.

Beta Reading Service

I also offer beta readingThis service does not include any editing or proofreading.  What the beta reading service includes is strictly reading and feedback.  Beta reading tends to take place when the manuscript is in its final stages before release.  It does not require a finalized manuscript, although that is helpful.  I will NOT accept first or second drafts.  I will read your manuscript and return feedback about the plot, characters, pacing, specific events, etc., and how I received the book as a reader.  If there are any specific elements or questions you would like me to touch on, please tell me. I am more than happy to discuss particular elements of the story.


At the moment, my rates are:

Proofreading: $.50 per page

Copyediting: $2 per page

Beta reading: (Update 7/2/14) To align slightly more with the market, I’ve changed to a tiered system. I hope you all still find my rates reasonable. To my mind, it is in no one’s interest to gouge writers looking for an experienced beta reader to help with their project.
1 to  100 pages: $30
101 to 250 pages: $40
251 pages and up: $55

  • Why are my rates these prices?  I’m offering this as a service for indie and self-publishing authors who need the help and otherwise would not receive it.  These rates may not seem low when you have a 300-page manuscript, but think on it this way: I am not charging per hour, which would be much higher (if I charged per hour, it would be at least $10/hour, and it takes me at minimum 10 hours to go through a typical book-length manuscript . . . you do the math).  And if you have a smaller book that needs work, these rates are actually quite reasonable.  My rates may change in the future, but for now, these are the rates I prefer to work with.  If you are an indie/self-pub author and desperately need proofreading / copyediting / beta reading but cannot afford my rates, please talk to me.  We may be able to work out something that you can afford.  This is something I do because I enjoy it–I am willing to be flexible in certain situations, and on some occasions, I will do work for free.
  • Do you charge per draft?  Yes, rates are on a per draft basis.  This means if you rework the same story and want an opinion on the new draft, another fee will be charged.
  • Is a page single-spaced or double-spaced?  I will accept both single-spaced pages and double-spaced.
  • Do you edit more than books?  Yes, I am also willing to edit papers, presentations, etc.  In general, the same rates apply.  Email me for more information.
  • Do you steal my ideas?  No, no, NO.  I am perfectly capable of coming up with my own ideas, thank you.  I’ve written and published two books and have another twelve in my queue to write–I don’t need to steal ideas from anyone else. Rest assured, the ideas in your manuscripts will remain your own ideas. They also will not be shared with the public, either on this blog or anywhere else.

Guidelines and Policies

  • To inquire, use the form at the end of this page or email with 1) your name, 2) a description of the project, 3) the page count, 4) whether you need proofreading, copyediting, or beta reading, and 5) any time limits you may have.  In return, I will give you the price, let you know if there is room in my schedule for your project, and the dates it will be started and completed. I will also include a copy of my policies and the instructions for payment.
  • Spacing and Font: Simply because I am willing to accept single-spaced pages does not mean you should  try to fit as much content onto a page as possible.  Type must be at least 12 point size.  If I receive a project with type that is too small for me to read, I reserve the right to send it back to the author or to cancel.  This applies for editing, proofreading, and beta reading.
  • File format: I will only accept PDFs or Word files.  This is because I will use the tracked changes and comments features available in these programs to edit and proofread.  I will then send the edited document back to you with the changes and comments in place so you can see the errors and learn what was wrong and why.  This applies for editing, proofreading, and beta reading.
  • Due dates or time limits: If there is a time limit on your manuscript, it is your responsibility to inform me in your inquiry.  If I cannot complete the editing by your due date, I will refuse the job.  For proofreading, I generally need at least 1 week to complete a manuscript.  For editing, I need at least 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the project.  For beta reading, I can generally complete the job in a week or less, depending on length of book and feedback.
  • Reviews: I will not edit a book and then review it for the blog.  Doing so would present something of a conflict of interest, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that.  If you come to me for editing help or beta reading, do not then come to me to write a review of your finished book.  You must choose which service is more valuable to get from me–editing/proofreading/beta reading, or a review.
  • Returns: There are no returns.  The fee is essentially paying for my time to beta read, proofread, or edit, which I do in my own free time.  I will only return money if a job has been cancelled.
  • Cancelling a job: If I have already begun work on your manuscript, you may still cancel, but I reserve the right to keep a portion of the payment for work already completed.  If I have already begun, I will return your file with the comments and tracked changes I had made.  Once a job has been confirmed as cancelled, I will discard all files pertaining to the job.  In general, cancellations must be made before I begin work on your project.
  • Payment by PayPal only.  For large projects, I request half payment up front and half upon completion.

If you have used the above services and would like to leave a testimonial, please leave a comment in the section below. Do NOT use the form above to leave a testimonial, as what you write in the form will not be open to the public. Thank you!

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  1. March 13, 2016 10:21 AM

    My experience with Kira was very good. She did what she said she was going to do, when she said she was going to do it. Her comments were thorough without being overwhelming, and she caught some issues that I’m definitely glad I fixed. All this, and reasonably priced too! Highly recommended.

  2. January 28, 2016 12:52 AM

    I used Kira’s beta reading service for a 25,000-word novella. I asked her to look at some specific areas and her comments were exactly what I needed to address those areas. I knew there were problems, but I was too close to see them. Kira gave me that fresh perspective that highlighted the issues, so I could fix them.

    She also picked out grammar issues, though that was above and beyond for a beta read. If you’re looking for a beta reader, Kira is fast, thorough, makes helpful comments that point out where you need to make revisions, and her rates are extremely reasonable.

    Don’t hesitate.

  3. JasonMRiou permalink
    June 13, 2015 10:18 AM

    Kira is exactly what aspiring authors needs. She gives one commentary of her impressions of each chapter and the characters that stick out as she reads. This will tell you when you are losing or hooking readers. She also points out every strength, weakness and flop. It helps you push yourself to your own style. She also gives a final impression with general guidance. If you are yearning for someone to give you the straight goods, fast: use Kira for Beta reading.

  4. May 7, 2015 10:53 AM

    I have used Kira’s beta reading and proofreading service and have absolutely no complaints. Her work is very thorough and she noticed things I had completely missed! She is incredibly professional and responds to queries very quickly.
    I have no hesitation recommending her services and will definitely be back for help on my next book.

  5. Aya permalink
    March 16, 2015 10:47 AM

    Courteous, thoughtful, and an eagle eye for detail. Kira even caught a term that wasn’t used in the 19th century, which I based my novel on. Her turnaround time was very fast as well. I’d definitely recommend her for anyone seeking a professional beta-read.

  6. March 11, 2015 11:35 AM

    I recently tried out Kira’s beta reading service for the first time and was very impressed. Her response had just the right amount of detail, giving me both reader responses as she read, and also overall impressions. She also suggested the useful HemingwayApp to help with my adverb problem. Her service was very efficient; she told me when she could do the job, and it was completed within the stated time. I highly recommend her services, and will be back for my next book (with fewer adverbs, I hope).

  7. Darren Bull permalink
    October 4, 2014 10:19 AM

    Kira ‘s comments were spot on, everything I needed from a beta read. I found out which character needed fleshing out and sorted those pesky continuity issues. Very good value for money, I will difently use her prof reading services…
    Thanks Kira.

  8. October 2, 2014 6:55 PM

    Kira was a joy to work with. She was quick, professional, very helpful, and easy to communicate with. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation. I will definitely go back to her for other books I write in the future.

  9. wqbelle permalink
    July 24, 2014 8:34 AM

    I had been through my manuscript so many times; I had become somewhat numb to my own work. I needed a pairs of fresh eyes to give me an unbiased appraisal.

    Kira did an impressive job. Her turnaround time was good but more importantly; her feedback was invaluable for pointing out the obvious. Typos? (You can never do enough proofreading!) Plot hole? (Oops. I never thought of that.)

    I will definitely be back to call upon Kira for her input in the future. And I would recommend anybody else to use her services.

  10. July 13, 2014 1:45 PM

    Kira delivered a beta read on my 135k novel on-time and with many thoughtful comments. It’s great to have a reliable beta reader that can turn around a novel reliably and with helpful advice to take your work to the next level. She provides a thorough review of your work and is absolutely worth her very reasonable rates. I will definitely be back with my next work.

  11. Jim permalink
    July 1, 2014 6:13 PM

    Kira’s beta-reading service is a steal at $30. She read my 75.000 novel in very short time, and gave me honest, concrete feedback that will help me improve my story. Trying googling for beta readers. You’ll find the prices for a professional beta reading are usually per page or per word with the totals for a novel quickly adding up to hundreds of dollars.

    Stop bugging your friends and family to be beta readers. Most will never actually read it, or give you some vague, sugar-coated comments (‘yeah, it was good.’) that will do nothing to help you improve your work. Kira is a true professional who can help you smooth out the bumps in your story. I highly recommend her service.

  12. June 24, 2014 1:51 PM

    Kira was polite, punctual, and insightful: everything one wants in editing work. Her beta-reading service was thorough and comments proved quite helpful (I am truly thankful she didn’t scream with frustration at my overuse of the word ‘green’ ;)).

    The feedback as a whole will help tighten my novel and I look forward to engaging her services again.

  13. pehorsman permalink
    April 12, 2014 1:32 AM

    Kira’s beta reading of my 6th fantasy novel was professional and to-the-point. Her observations about plot, continuency and character development were very helpful and will make the book better. I can certainly recommend her and I hope I may make use of her services again.

  14. Tiffany Nicole Smith permalink
    March 31, 2014 5:44 PM

    I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this website. Kira did a beta read for my manuscript and I couldn’t be more pleased. She answered any questions I had and pointed out things I hadn’t even noticed. Kira is responsive, professional, and went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend her services to others.

  15. January 6, 2014 7:54 PM

    Kira’s turn around time was quick! I have a longer than average word count of about 164,000, yet she read through it in less than a week giving valuable in depth feedback. She helped me point out unanswered questions in my story so that I could strengthen any weaknesses. Thank you, Kira!!

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