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Contact and Review Policy

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Review Policy

I would be happy to consider reviewing a book for any publisher or author who thinks it might be something I would enjoy.  I read fantasy most of the time, but I will sometimes read other genres, such as science fiction, historical fiction, and the occasional literary work.  I DO NOT read horror, mystery, paranormal, thrillers, etc.  If you find me reading any of those, check my temperature, because I must be ill to read something that potentially will give me nightmares.

I welcome advance reading copies and finished copies.  I potentially may be able to accept digital copies depending on the format (I can accept PDFs, for example).  Also, I do not sell ARCs.

If I accept a book to review:

I usually manage to get through anywhere from 3-6 books in a month, more if I’m on vacation.  Barring any sudden misadventures or horrible happenings at work, I will get a review done within two weeks of receiving a copy.  And of course anything sent to me will take priority over a book I have bought or is sitting on my shelf.  If there is a specific date which a review must be done by, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM ME!

Review posts will include a picture of the cover art, a brief synopsis, and my personal thoughts on the book.  Simply because I have received the book does not mean I will automatically give a positive review–I will be completely honest in my thoughts.  That being said, there are very few books I absolutely hate (I can count them on one hand).  I can almost always find something redeeming in a book and I will make that known.

Mostly my reviews are posted here on Fantastical Reads, but I will at times also post on GoodReads and/or Shelfari.  I can also do Amazon (or another retailer) by request.

The genres/subjects and the authors I enjoy reading are below.


YA Fiction
Historical Fiction
Ancient cultures
Some science fiction


Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Neil Gaiman, Anne Bishop, Michelle Sagara West, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Moira J. Moore, Scott Lynch, Stephen R. Lawhead

Contact Me!

If you’re still interested in me reviewing your book, you can contact me through any of the methods listed above, or at

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